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General Information About Our Puppies

Vaccinations and Worming

Puppies are vaccinated with their first puppy shot before purchase. This puppy shot requires a minimum of two additional boosters before completion. Puppies are also wormed regularly once weaned. We recommend taking your puppy to the veterinarian within the first two weeks after purchase to continue these preventative treatments.


Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a painful condition usually affecting older dogs of pure-bred large breeds where the hip joints loosen. The condition is thought to be genetic but also triggered by environmental factors such as nutrition and activity level. While German Shepherds are affected by the condition, our dogs have not had issues with this condition. The breed has drifted into two segments - show dogs and working dogs. Show dogs have the sloping back and look as if the dog is squatting while posing. These genetics seem to put additoinal pressure on the hip joints and therefore have more issues with the condition. On the other hand, working dogs have a boxy frame and a level back while standing. These genetics are not favorable in the showing community, but make great family pets with less incidence of hip problems. Our dogs are the working dog variety and have never had hip issues.

AKC Registration

All of our adults are AKC registered allowing all our puppies to be registered. This registration ensures to others that the dogs are purebred German Shepherds. We provide materials to obtain a limited registration for each puppy with AKC for a small fee. The limited registration provides proof of your dog's lineage and pure bloodlines; however, it does restrict breeding rights. We use this practice to ensure the quality and intergrity of our Hirschfeld German Shepherd bloodlines.


As required by Ohio Revised Code, all of our dogs including puppies must be permanently identified. As such, each of our puppies has been micro-chip implanted. Puppies will come with paperwork for if you choose to register the microchip with the national database. 

Deposits and Age of Sale

The State of Ohio has mandated that all dogs be of at least 8 weeks of age before being sold. ( Ohio Revised Code 955.50, Section A). While our dogs are weaned, healthy, and hardy before this time, we are not legally allowed to sell them. For this reason and so folks can reserve a chosen puppy, we do take cash deposits to hold a puppy for sale. This deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to a different available puppy on pickup.


Black and Tan


Black and Silver


Solid Black

Solid White

Solid Liver

Two-Tone Liver

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